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Bournemouth Independent Group was formed to provide our partners and clients with excellent service. Our unique ability to move ahead of industry pace ensures we remain a top innovator with industry leading and desired products.

The group currently consist of three brands including BIG Warranties, and Go Assist. Each brand dominates their own sector and we have provided products to hundreds of thousands of customers and continue to grow at a substantial rate.

BIG partner with clients that are looking for a new way to maintain customer loyalty, increase revenue streams, reduce risk and improve market share. Our adaptiveness to a multitude of industries and situations makes us a revered partner.

Find out how BIG can increase your revenue streams, customer retention and promote brand advocates. Click here to find out more.


Innovative management and leadership enable BIG Warranties to offer malleable solutions to fit every client’s business model. Find out more about our team.

We take pride in our partnerships, and we only work with people with the same ethos. Find out more about the products, services and partnerships we have.